"Enchanted drawings... crystalline texts"
Jeremy Narby, Intelligence in Nature

Ann Marie Holmes, Earth Spirit Living

"Excellent and fun"   
Christopher Penczak, The Witch's Heart

"Wild Magic is an engaging text for the youngest Pagans that
will introduce or reinforce the basic principles of Pagan
religious education; our festivals, our deities, and our
reverence for the Earth and Her creatures."
Ellen Evert Hopman, Walking the World in Wonder - A Children's Herbal

"I received your book for my birthday... it made me so happy!  
When I got home I looked at it more and it brought tears to
my eyes.  So luminous are the words and images.  I will have
to color it in slowly.  It is so full of intention."
Bessie Stewart, musician, The Cult of Isis
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A gift for children and adults, Pagans, Wiccans, Shamans, Artists, Dreamers, Seekers, Healers, everyone who respects the sacredness
of nature and wishes to revitalize their connection to the powers of transformation and enchantment.
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your positive responses and requests. We promise to continue to make
Wild Magic available here.  And we are answering all your kind thank
yous as fast as we can, so if you haven't heard back, hang in there!  
We mean to answer every e-mail.  Blessings, Lichen and Kerry

A coloring and creativity book for all ages,
Wild Magic brings you the
magic of the seasons and the elements in a dance of poetry and
pictures to spark your imagination and nurture your connection to
Mother Earth.    
 Peek inside the book...