Lichen June is a writer and artist currently working on a number of books:

The Teenager's Guide to Sex and Death: and Other Things Adults Lie to Themselves and You About
The invisible lies surrounding our most intimate, essential, and natural experiences teach us to willingly surrender every
part of ourselves to people, organizations, and a culture which is oppressing and enslaving us - to never question or fight
back.  This book will reveal things that everyone should know about sex, death, and being truly empowered to reclaim
your own life.  It is an antidote to the institutionalized oppression of our minds and bodies and a catalyst for retrieving
those stolen parts of our true selves, our experiences, and our power to change the world and the roles we play in it.

Stuntee, the true story of a bold young woman who flew half way around the world to follow a dream and accidentally
found herself working as a stunt woman.  A real life adventure set in the exotic beauty of New Zealand's volcanic
landscape with boiling lakes, hidden castles, Maori warriors, and behind the scenes secrets with the crazy "Stuntees" who
risk injury and death each day.  For a sneak peek inside Lichen's New Zealand journals click
An untitled collection:
photos, paintings and poetry

Entangled in minding myself
watching each step
balancing carefully a heart in my left hand
silence in my right

Maintaining moats around delusion
my thoughts take untrammeled shapes
and the path looks not so dear
as the green inviting wild

So I will gather up my fear
like a silken parachute
and you will hear my joyous bellow
echoing in the canyons of the world

I choose not to mind, but to know
I throw my teeth into the ocean
and I will not look away
as I paint the eyes of god
economy of words, photo lichen june  -  with profound thanks to the unknown artists