If you are interested in New Zealand
Lord of the Rings...

If you would like to glimpse the
exotic beauty of a volcanic
landscape full of boiling lakes,
hidden castles, and

If you love films and want to know
more about the crazy
stuntees who
help bring our most exciting
adventures to life...

If you've ever asked yourself,
would it feel to hang 40 feet in the
air with a dwarf dangling from my

Welcome, my friends.  I hope you
enjoy my tales.

Lichen June
In the fall of 1999 I flew half way around the world to follow my dream of visiting New Zealand and perhaps
finding crew work in the film industry there.
While exploring the landscapes of Middle-earth and unraveling New Zealand's film industry intrigues, I quite
accidentally found myself working as a
stunt woman with New Zealand's  "stuntees," who risk injury and death
each day.
I am currently writing Stuntee, a
book about my extraordinary travels
in NZ.  I've created these pages to
share some of my journals and
photos with the many people who
have asked to know more about my
Note:  Lichen June is not affiliated with Peter Jackson's production of Lord of the Rings.  If you
are interested in official news and information about
Lord of the Rings, visit
Lichen's New Zealand Journals:
1. Hello Wingnut Studios
2. Getting Past the Gates Again
3. Te Papa & the Casting Director
4. Casting Director & Botanical Gardens
5. Wingnut Breaking & the Producer Calls
6. Interview at Avalon
7. Red Rock Seals
8. Stunt Audition at Avalon
9. Stunt Audition Continued
10. LOTR Stunt Coordinator
11. The Interview
12. Strathmore
13. Kapiti Island

Coming Soon:
14. Sam Williams
15. Bad Taste

16. Rotorua
The adventure will find you...
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